The Inspiration

HenryRob and Ellen Snow had their second child, Henry, in 2009.  Henry was born with Down syndrome, which was a bit surprising for the Snow family at the time.  Most parents can appreciate that feeling you get when you realize or are told that your child is going to be something different from the “perfect” child you naturally assumed you would be having.  The Snows went through those emotions exhaustively that first day, week, and even month.  But each day that passed for them, brought new joy and excitement about their little guy. They began to grow very thankful about this gift they’d been given, and began to appreciate their lives in a very different, but more profound way.

Today, Henry is doing amazing.  He is attending, very physically active, attends school, reads constantly, and makes us laugh each day.

As we have become more entrenched in the DS and Disability communities, we continue to be inspired by the individuals we meet, the families, and the organizations that do so much to enhance the lives of all people with disabilities. These groups start with an idea, usually from someone very close to the cause, then several meetings with like-minded people occur, then all of a sudden, the organization is built, money is raised, and lives are improved.  It's really a beautiful and incredible process.

Stand Up For Downs is no different in how we started, and we will continue to work hard for these people, these organizations, and of course, our son.