The Idea

The Snows first got the idea for creating Stand Up For Downs after Rob and Ellen saw a strong need to increase funds to the Down syndrome community. Rob’s background in comedy, and Ellen’s work history(see The Board) were a great match for producing comedy events and running a non-profit. Add those backgrounds with their passion for their son, and doing everything they could to make his life better, and Stand Up For Downs was born.

In the summer of 2012, while on vacation, they received a call from a well-known comic’s manager.  Rob had written the comic a letter trying to describe the idea of this charity, and asked if the comic could help out.  The manager offered a way the comic could donate, and asked if the charity had 501(c)3 status.  They assured him they did, hung up the phone, and wondered to each other what he meant by the phrase “501(c)3 status”. This call was the push they needed.  They realized that if this comic was moved by their story and offering to donate, then others might do the same.

So Stand Up For Downs was born on that vacation in September of 2012.