Down syndrome is the most frequently occurring chromosomal disorder and the leading cause of intellectual and developmental delay in the U.S., but…it’s the least funded by the National Institute of Health.

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Why Bother?

Thanks to increased research, better legislation, and more acceptance, the average life expectancy has gone from 25 in 1985 to 61 today! (read that again)

More understanding of teaching those with Down syndrome and advances in medicine have helped the average IQ of people with Down syndrome rise significantly over the past decade.

In the U.S. many people with Down syndrome complete high school, more are going on to a postsecondary education and a handful have even received graduate degrees.

In a recent survey of 1000 adults with Down syndrome, 99% said they were happy with their lives.

Many babies with Down syndrome are left up for adoption, particularly overseas.  Most are never adopted and forced to live in deplorable institutions which shorten their lives and destroys their ability to strive.