The Book - What I Should Have Said

Have you ever had someone say something to you that was so inappropriate it left you speechless?  And you probably attempted a polite exit, got far away, and thought of all the things you wish you would have said.  Well, that's pretty much what this book is about.  As a proud parent of a child with Down syndrome, Rob Snow has had many of these moments.  With a background in stand-up comedy, Rob combines just the right amount of sarcasm and emotion to deliver the perfect responses to the "wonderful" comments he has heard over the years.

This book will provide laughter, relief, and maybe even some inspiration on crafting your own perfect responses.  If you might be guilty of saying some of these comments yourself or know of someone who is, well please use it as a guide on what not to say to anyone close to someone in the special needs community.

$1 from each book will be donated to Stand Up For Downs.  During Down Syndrome Awareness Month(October) and on World Down Syndrome Day(3/21), $5 of each purchase will be donated to Stand Up For Downs.

Shipping and Handling is included in both prices.

The book is $15.95 for purchases within the United States.              

The book is $25.95 for all purchases outside of the United States.